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Boost4Mods helped me get a brand new precision 6466 turbo for my Evo!

- Dan M. Click here to use Dan's invite link

This is legit. I was able to get an oem zr1 spoiler for my vette just by promoting my invite link on facebook. Took me about a month but it was well worth it.

- Ron M. Click here to use Ron's invite link

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Frequently Asked Questions

Boost4Mods is a platform that helps car enthusiasts save a lot of money on getting the mods they want for their vehicle.
It's pretty simple. All you need to do is sign up, buy 100 psi, and promote your invite link found in your account. The amount of people you need to invite varies on how much your mod costs, the more money your mod costs, the more people you will need to invite. The people you invite will need to also buy 100 psi in order for them to count towards your mod.
No, we're not out there trying to scheme or scam anyone. We like to think of it as a ladder. You simply invite other car enthusiasts to our platform, and we'll take care of the rest. At the end of the day, everyone wins.
No, we take our spam policy very seriously and will never send you spam or sell your information.
Yes! You are more than welcome to get a tune or gift certificate from any tuner/shop you desire. Instead of entering the website link for a mod, simply enter: Tune or gift certificate from shop name. Enter the cost for the tune or gift certificate under "Price for Mod + Shipping:" and you're all set! This is a great way to cover the costs of labor.
Yes! After you have received your first mod, there is no limit as to how many mods you can get. Once you receive your mod, your boost level will reset to 0 psi, and the number of friends you previously invited for your mod will be removed from your account.

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